New ventures in collaboration with local agencies

In the last few months with the help of well wishers and friends we were able to establish good contacts with local agencies and organisations which are able to contribute to the growth and development of Kishor Nagar.

The work of deepening the pond in progress

The work of deepening the pond in progress


Deepening of the ponds (two water harvesting structures)

In the month of November 2015 two Field Officers of Krishi Gram Vikas Kendra visited Kishor Nagar and examined the existing water harvesting structures (ponds) to find out whether these could be deepened and be converted into real ponds, which would hold water the whole year round.

At first sight they were not convinced that this could be done as the location is not in the deep fields. However they requested us to write an application for the deepening of at least one pond. The application was approved by the organisation and on the 5th of January 2016 the excavation work started. It took 8 days to complete deepening the main pond and to give proper shape to it by terracing the embankment of the pond. Before all the dressing work was finished the ground water started slowly coming up from the bottom and the sides. This positive outcome gave great satisfaction to the Officers and they decide to also excavate the smaller pond close to the cowshed. There also the outcome is the same.

two stone structures for inflow of water

Two inlets for inflow of rain water to prevent erosion of embankment.

These two ponds are a blessing for Kishor Nagar. First of all the water in the main pond will ensure that the lower well will not go dry during the summer months. The second outcome will be that we can put more fishes in the ponds. A few boys have already attended a training programme on Fishery and a good number of small fish have already been put in the pond.

overflow of water

A net will be placed on top of the steps so as to prevent the fishes from escaping when there is an outflow (overflow) of water.

Horticulture Research Institute – Palandu

On the 23rd of January 2016 two scientists of the Horticulture Research Institute, Dr. Priyaranjan and Dr. Shridhar, visited the KN campus in the company of Mr. Saminder Saluja. They walked around the campus and saw the farm –fields and cowshed. They showed a keen interest in helping Kishor Nagar to adopt more up to date farming practices, not only for vegetable cultivation but also for irrigation and animal husbandry.
As a follow up Fr. Walter, Fr. Francken, Mr. Vinod and Mr. Saminder Saluja visited Horticulture Research Institute on 3rd February. The Scientists and other staff gave a guided tour of part of the farm. It was a good learning experience for as we could observe latest agricultural practices such as:
– The impact of drip irrigation with mulching of plants on the growth of vegetables.
– The process of making vermin compost.
– The methods of grafting trees
– The growth of tomatoes in green houses.
Now the task before us is to see which practices can be adopted in KN. The possibility of purchasing good quality seeds and plants from the Institute was also discussed.

Visit of the Director of the JREDA to Kishor Nagar

On Republic Day, 26 January 2016, the Chief Guest for the Flag Hoisting Ceremony was Mr. L. K. Tewatia IFS (Indian Forest Service). Mr. Tewatia is the Director of the Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA). He unfurled the National Flag and took the salute of the March Pass by the students. He gave an inspiring talk and later mingled with the students.

Mr. L.K. Tewatia IFS with staff and students of Kishor Nagar and other guests.

Mr. L.K. Tewatia IFS with staff and students of Kishor Nagar and other guests.

After a cup of tea and some refreshment he together with other guests he went around the whole campus. He gave concrete suggestions and requested us to apply for solar street lights. As a follow up to his visit we are exploring the possibility of having a solar power plant in the campus.

Visit of Mr. Hitesh Verma, General Manager of Central Coalfields Ltd (CCL)

Mr. Hitesh Verma was the Chief Guest for the Inauguration of the Annual Sports Day on 30th January 2016. The Band party received him at the main gate. Mr. Hitesh and his family members witnessed some of the main events and they were impressed by the performance of the students.
Mr. Verma is in charge of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme of Central Coalfields Limited with Head Office at Ranchi and he invited us to prepare detailed project report for financial help in the construction of new school hall (in place of the old one, which is in a dilapidated condition) and a room for computer training.

These new contacts have opened new vistas for more support and assistance from local agencies.

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