Aims and Objectives


Kishor Nagar is a home for boys, who experience considerable social difficulties: adverse family conditions, destitution, physical handicaps. In reality it means a home for boys from broken homes, orphans and boys whose parents cannot afford to give them an education. It is a home for the poorest without distinction of caste or creed.


– KN is a home and therefore our first aim is to help the boys to live as a family. We focus our attention on whatever brings us together and set aside all divisions and prejudices. We teach the boys self-respect and respect for others, remembering that we are all God’s children and brothers for each other.
– Our second objective is to give them a good education and enable them to complete the matriculation examination. Education is like a ray of hope in their lives. So we run regular classes from KG up to class 10.
– Our ultimate objective is to enable them to stand on their feet after completing their basic education: therefore all the boys are involved in doing the various jobs, required for the running of a home. It includes cooking meals, looking after animals on the farm and work in the fields, growing vegetables for daily consumption. They also look after the maintenance of the house and help out in the repair workshop. There is no formal vocational training, but they get hands on experience and acquire various skills and learn to take initiative. In this way they contribute to their own upkeep while learning to do things that are meaningful to their own life.


Our overall aim is to give the boys a good education in all its dimensions:

– Classes are held very regularly, even on holidays; and in this way we ensure the education of the mind (intellectual formation).
– We also take care of the education of the body, as the boys get opportunities to take part in sports activities. Every year the students organise an inter-class Football tournament. There is also a yearly Fr. Van Bortel Memorial Football Tournament for kids and 10 to 12 Primary Schools from in and around Ranchi take part in this annual event. From 2012 onwards we organise an Annual Sports day giving the boys a chance to develop their athletic talents, which might help them in finding a job.
– The education of the hands is part and parcel of life of very boy in KN. They acquire some basic skills through the various work assignments.
– Living together as a family promotes the education of the heart as the boys learn to care for one another. An important part of this living together is the morning and evening prayer in which all participate. It fosters faith and trust in God’s providence and a feeling of brotherhood.


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