March Pass

15 August 2015

 March pass kids (lower classes).

March pass kids (lower classes).

On 15th August 2015 there was a grand celebration of 68th Independence Day of India. Mr. Francis Osta, the HOD of the  Mechanical Engineering Dept. at XIPT (Xavier Institute of Polytechnic Training) officiated the National Flag Hoisting. He observed the remarkable march pass by the Kishor Nagar Students. He also enjoyed and appreciated the patriotic songs and dance presented by the boys. The chief guest was very happy and felt privileged to be with us. He congratulated all the students and wished a bright future to each and every one. In his message he paused a question: being a student what can you do for the country ? He advised the students to do the smallest work assigned to them whole heartedly and do it well. He was very positive about bright future of the students. He was very much impressed by the over all performance and the remarkable discipline maintained by the students.

The Chief Guest take salute at the March Pass.

On this occasion two groups of Round Table India members came to spend a couple of hours with the students here. Namely, 15 to 20 members were present from the group called RART No. 160, under the leadership of the chairman, Mr. Gaurav Bagroy.  This group presented 12 bicycles to Kishor Nagar for the daily use. These bicycles are indeed very useful for the boys to go to various colleges, training centers and coaching classe in Ranchi town. The whole Kishor Nagar family is very grateful to them for this precious and generous gift.

The second group of Round Table RSRT No.244 was also present here, they were also 15 to 20 members led by Mr. Sidhartha Chaudhary, Chairman. They presented a UPS system complete with a big Battery. Since there the power supply is very irregular in Kishor Nagar this gift is very useful one. The whole team was very happy to be here and they also distributed some snacks and sweets to the boys. Our boys also expressed their gratitude by some welcome songs and cultural dance etc. At the end of the programe they played football match against our boys.

Besides these two generous groups, there were some distinguished persons present during the occasion. They are – AST Mayank Sweta Jaishwal, Circular Chairperson, Neha Veermany, Mr. Atul Ghera Previous Chairman RART Nol 160.  Mr. Dickie Saluja, a great supporter of Kishor Nagar, was also present but remained in the background as usual. He is a source of inspiration to the Kishor Nagar family and to all its  friends.

 In the afternoon there was a Football Match between Kishor Nagar boys and  Jesuit Novices, Ashirvad, Namkum. The match was very exciting and interesting. During the first half there was no goal from either side. 5 minutes before the end of the match the Kishor Nagar players managed to score a goal. Thus the match ended with 1-0 goals. After the match there was a free style common dance for all. The beautiful music was played in the mike system. All  those who had come to witness the match enjoyed  the dance joyfully.

On 23 August two old students of Kishor Nagar, Fr. Deepak Bara and Fr. Prasann Tirkey came to take part in the Sunday Mass, held for the villgers and the boys. Fr. Deepak Bara came to Kishor Nagar in 1990 for K.G. class and passed Matriculation Exam from here in 2001. His priestly ordination was held on 10 May 2015 at Chanho Parish. A group of bosy and all the staff attended his priestly ordination. Fr. Deepak belongs to a poor family, he is a man of hard work. At present he is doing his MTH degree in St. Albert’s College Ranchi. In his message he said, “If you work hard there is nothing in this life you cannot achieve.” The impact of his presence was great among the boys.


Fr. Prasann Tirkey studied here from 7th standard onwards and passed Matriculation Exam. He was ordained in 2011 at Bhikhampur Parish in Gumla diocese. He also belongs to a poor family and is a simple man. At present he is a Principal in one of the High Schools in the diocese. In his message he stressed on three things, “Eat well, work hard and study hard.” Boys were impressed by his personality and were inspired to do well in Kishor Nagar.

Teachers’ Day

On 5 September 2015 there was a grand celebration, the teachers were taken to the big hall by the 10th class students dancing and singing. After the lighting of the lamp in front of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s photograph a boy read out a brief introduction to the life of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. Then the the cultural programe began. They presented varieties of items like, Welcome Song, One Act Play, Nagpuri Dance, Dandia Dance, Mausmi Tribal Dance, Action Songs etc. The items were well prepared so they were very interesting and entertaining.

Teachers’ Day messages were expressed by couple of teachers stressing on the point “Guru Shishya” (Teacher- Student) relationship. The teachers were given small gifts by the students as a token of love and healthy relationship between them. All the students and teachers enjoyed the programme and were happy.


Rotary Club of Ranchi North

Members of Rotary Club Ranchi North with the Teachers

It was a very special day for the teachers of Kishor Nagar, because 25 members of Rotary Club of Ranchi North came to felicitate them on this auspicious day. They also presented beautiful and valuable gifts for each teacher. For the school library they gifted 8,000 (eight thousand) books in Hindi and English, in which there are stories, novels, science, computer science etc. They were amazed by the performance of the boys and congratulated them and wished them all the bright future. They enjoyed the programme and appreciated it, finally they expressed their happiness to be here.


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